Space Opera

Space Opera wears a Hitchhiker’s Guide t-shirt while eating a plate of fish and chips. It’s trying, quite hard, to be a goofy space opera that reads like it’s written by an English person. I made it about 40% through before stopping. I’ve learned over the years there is one thing I cannot stand in fiction: long sentences. This book is almost entirely long, winding sentences. By the time you finish one you’ll often forget where you started. I think this is something I’d probably enjoy read aloud, but reading it I got lost, bored, and confused. I’m perhaps just dumb and too spastically minded for long sentences.

It still had some good lines, especially when they were short:

The whole business matters a great deal to those involved and far, far less than the pressing issue of what to have for lunch to anyone outside their blast radius.

Where’s the nerdy shy Predator scientist who figured out how to build a spaceship while all the big jock Predators were down the pub ripping one another’s spines out, eh?

Life is beautiful and life is stupid.